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Face-eating Victim Lucky Not Attacked in New York, Bloomberg Says

31 May 2012
Mayor Michael Bloomberg

In response to the shocking cannibalistic attack that occurred in Miami on Saturday afternoon, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made some shocking waves himself when he suggested the victim of the attack should feel lucky it did not occur in New York City, or he may have been fined.

Ronald Poppo, the 65-year-old homeless victim of the savage attack, suffered extensive damage to his face with much of his mouth and nose torn off and apparently eaten by his attacker, Rudy Eugene. Miami police believe that Poppo was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when Eugene found him.

According to Mayor Bloomberg, that wrong place would have been much worse for Poppo had the attack occurred in New York City instead of Miami. Bloomberg has of late been engaged in a campaign against the obesity epidemic plaguing the country, using various bans on trans fats, salt, and sugar as his weapons of choice.

His latest salvo came this week with a proposed ban on sugary drinks sold in container sizes greater than 16 ounces. The move has received reactions ranging from agreement to ridicule and nannyism to charges of encroachment on personal freedoms.

Some other regulations Bloomberg has put in place require food preparers to make available to the city samples to test the nutritional value of the food offerings. This has caused many charities to stop accepting some food donations to the homeless because they are unable to conform to the regulations.

[H]e should feel lucky he wasn’t in this city when he was assaulted.

Bloomberg insists that Poppo would have fallen under the purview of those regulations since he did not submit samples of his facial tissues to the city for validation. As such, there was no way for the city to determine its salt, fat, and fiber content. In addition, Poppo did not post dietary information, such as calories per serving and total calories, in accordance with other New York City regulations.

“It was a grotesque attack, and my heart goes out to the victim, but I must say he should feel lucky he wasn’t in this city when he was assaulted,” Bloomberg told reporters at a press conference this afternoon.

“He would be facing some serious fines if he was serving food in this city without the proper licensing.”

The comments came as light was shed on a New York City connection to the attacker.

Poppo remains in critical condition.

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